Destination Luang Prabang
 Un voyage au royaume des éléphants


Dinh Q. Lê, Artist





1 Persistence of Memory #10, 2000-2001, h: 45 x w: 63 in / h: 114.3 x w: 160 cm

2 Shooting Backk, 2003, photograph - c-print & linen tape, 33.5" x 67.5

3 Russian Roulette , 2002 , Photograph - c-print & linen tape , 39.5 " x 59.5 "

Dinh Q. Lê | migrated to the US in 1978, at the age of 10. During his childhood in Vietnam, Le watched his aunt weave traditional grass mats, the origin of his technique. Dinh Q. Le creates large-scale photomontages by weaving strips of photos together using a plating procedure. The works are glossy tapestries made entirely out of C-prints that reveal images layered in a repetition of patterning. Finished on the edges with linen tape, his craftsmanship is precise, intentional and immaculate.
Using imagery of himself and his family, together with photographs taken of the Vietnam war, Le creates dramatic work. In the latest piece Waking Dreams, Le juxtaposes dual themes of beauty and terror, merged with eastern and western cultures. Current and historical, as well as, personal and fictional realities which resonate in these potent works. have a fluidity akin to painting.
With an interest in the ongoing effects of the Vietnam war on past and present societies, Le is addressing compelling subject matter from a rare sociopolitical perspective. He continues to document subjects in his native country such as birth defects caused by the U.S. military’s use of Agent Orange. Le has also worked with Cambodian refugee children, and often draws from personal experience of life in Vietnam during and after the war.


1994-95 Fellowship in Photography National Endowment for the Arts
1992 Artist in Residence Asian-American Arts Centre, New York, NY
1992 Individual Photographer's Fellowship Aaron Siskind Foundation
1992 MFA, Photography School of Visual Arts, New York, NY
1989 BA, Fine Arts University of California, Santa Barbara, CA
1968 Born Ha-Tien, Vietnam


1999 Lotusland, Shoshana Wayne Gallery Santa Monica, CA
1999 Slow Release, Organized by Pan, Bishopsgate Goodsyard London, England
1998 Splendor & Darkness, P.P.O.W. New York, NY
1998 Fabrications: U.S. Photography (Traveling Exhibition), Musée de l'Elysée Lausanne, Switzerland; Ashland, OR; Lyons, France
1998 Damaged Gene, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
1998 The Headless Buddha (Catalogue, Traveling Exhibition), Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies Los Angeles, CA; Portland, OR; Cambridge, MA; Santa Cruz, CA
1997 Points of Entry (Traveling Exhibition), The Smithsonian Institution Washington, DC; Atlanta, GA; New York, NY
1996 A Labor of Love, The New Museum New York, NY
1996 The Present (H)Our: Artists Utilizing Issues of Identity, Oakland Museum Oakland, CA
1995 Tracing Cultures (Traveling Exhibition), The Friends of Photography, Ansel Adams Center San Francisco, CA; San Diego, CA; Tuscon, AZ
1994 Beyond the Borders, Bronx Museum of the Arts Bronx, NY
1992 International Textile Exhibition, Kyoto Museum of Art Kyoto, Japan
1992 Tyler School of Art Gallery Elkins Park, PA
1991 Portraying a White God, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) Los Angeles, CA
1990 Midtown Y Photography Gallery New York, NY
1990 Photo Metro #8, Vision Gallery San Francisco, CA


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